Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interesting Chandelier

An interesting image from yesterday's shoot at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA.
The shot is a 5 component HDR taken from the floor directly underneath a fun chandelier. I was testing the new Benro travel tripod with the Really Right Stuff BH-55, great support system. I'll have a detailed review of the tripod up soonest.
I imported to Lightroom, prepped tone curve and sharpening settings, and then exported to Photomatix Pro. After a quick tone mapping using the details enhancer I processed and reimported to Lightroom. To keep it interesting I sent the image to Photoshop to add some creative high radius low amount sharpening to the image. Upon return to LR I adjusted the vibrance a little.
Thought it was an interesting shape and form exercise. I think the image is ultimately destined for a huge black and white canvas. I included a slightly higher res picture so you could zoom in and see some of the detail.
Check back soon. Next post will be directions to set up the custom settings on your Canon camera's mode dial.
Fiat Lux!

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  1. Hal,

    Just a quick question. I would have loved to attend your Maui workshop - looks like it was very informative and surely lots of fun.

    I've been playing around with HDRI for a while now and have tried creating HDRI's a number of ways -

    RAW's > .rad in photoshop > photomatix > CS4
    RAW's > TIFF > exposure blending/fusion > CS4
    (and others to numerous to list)

    I also sometimes will combine various photomatix versions using layers to get various aspects of the pictures to be more or less dramatic, saturated, etc.

    I've noticed on a couple of your posts you talk about manipulating the tone curve and adding sharpening before you use Photomatix. Could you explain what you mean by, "prepped tone curve and sharpening settings," before you import to Photomatix?



    PS. I loved your last Monday Web Show and plan to watch this Monday.