Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ice Crystals do Cool Things to Light

 Pillar of Fire

Evening up here in Alaska and there are ice crystals hanging in the air.  The light from different ground sources is channeled up as if it was carried via fiber optic cable.  Makes some interesting images.  These shots were handheld with a Canon 5D Mk II and an EF 24mm f/1.4L.

Prudhoe Bay Concert Lights Under the Full Moon

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Epic week with Hanson Fong

Last week we had Hanson Fong, internationally known portrait and wedding photographer and Canon Explorer of Light come for 4 days to teach the art of Lighting and Posing. We had limited the class to 8 people and were able to create an incredible learning environment for the students.

The first day was spent learning Hanson's tips and tricks to making your everyday client look fabulous. We reached out to the local community for our models and selected individuals and families who represented your everyday customer looking for a great portrait.
Over the next few days students learned how to use facial features and body type to their advantage when posing and lighting their subjects.  

It’s very rare to be able to have such hands-on experience and hands-on learning with such an incredible instructor. It has always been a treat to have Hanson here at Light, and the workshops get better with every visit. To Learn more about Hanson Fong visit
Don't miss Hanson at our Second Annual California Photo Festival October 12-16, 2011. Registration opens January 15th!

Curious what's happening next at LIGHT?

As Hal Says...Fiat Lux!

Before the Blow

In the arctic for a bit longer and there is a blizzard raging outside, about -40 wind chill right now and expected to get worse for the next couple days.  Up here the general term for the type of weather we are experiencing is a "blow."  Not too surprising as the wind is howling.

I was able to photograph a few things during the couple of hours of daylight and before the wind kicked up.  The shot up top is a single image from my Canon 5D Mk II and 24mm f/1.4L.  Processed with Lightroom and Photoshop CS5.  If stuck inside tomorrow I'll put up the image progression from start to finish.

The second image is a four shot stitched panorama.  Images were processed in LR and stitched in Photoshop CS5.  After the stitch I returned to Lightroom to complete the illustration effect with one of my presets.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Tip Over at Rick Sammon's New Blog

Quick tip from Hal over at Rick's blog.

Rick Sammon

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet Up this Weekend for a Group Shoot

The Light staff will be getting together Saturday afternoon at 5 PM to photograph the sunset and more down in Morro Bay.

To let you know where we'll be on a more regular basis we created a group.  Although it sounds like a dating site, Meetup provides a simple way to meet other photographers and digital artists to share our work, ideas, stories, and have some fun.

The following link will take you to the Light group at Meetup.

Light Meetup

Hope to see you on Saturday!

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