Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 10 Sunset Tips- By Juan Pons

Juan Pons, one of our guest instructors at the California Photo Festival this year, specializes in nature wildlife photography and also co-hosts with Rick Sammon on a  Podcast and Blog http://dpexperience.com website. Here he is this week with a great list of his favorite sunset tips you'll be learning hands-on this October!

One of the most popular shoots at the California Photo Festival is the the sunset shoots at the beach, so I thought it would be good to review the top 10 for shooting sunset scenes:
1. Include foreground elements in the scene to add depth
2. Don't stop shooting after the sun goes down, some of the best shots are made after the sun goes down
3. Don't center the horizon on your shot
4. Stop down to f/16 or smaller to create a starburst effect with the sun
5. Meter away from the sun
6. Look for reflections on the water
7. Under expose to saturate the colors, and/or set your White balance around 9000K to saturate those sunset colors even more
8. Think about using a slow shutter speed to add some motion to the scene
9. Work your silhouettes
10. Take the filters off your lens to avoid image ghosts

Bonus Tip: Always have fun.

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