Sunday, March 18, 2012

Canvas at Light

A couple of weeks ago we held one of my favorite classes, Canvas!  We started everything with a discussion of the entire print and output process.  Each step is important to ensure you end up with the ultimate quality of both the image and the print, from color management to media selection to pressing the final print button and everything in between.

Canvas is a hands on course and our participants made their stretcher bar assemblies, coated their prints, stretched their canvas, and did all of the finishing.  It is an involved process but everyone made it beautifully.  I am fairly certain that everyone slept well after the course.

Each canvas is printed with Canon's Lucia EX inkset on Alpha Strike matte canvas.  This combination yields the blackest black possible today on canvas!  The next day we coated the canvas with Aegis from Alpha Strike.  Everyone did great with the new, environmentally and health friendly coating.  Both the canvas and the coating are archivally certified by Wilhelm Imaging Research and when the print is finished in our unique manner, the canvas will last for generations (and then some.)

I look forward to our next canvas course later this year and also canvas instruction at Click 3!

Next month I head back to the Inside Passage for eagle, whale, and landscape photography.  I cannot wait to get back out and see what this year brings.

Fiat Lux!



  1. So awesome I love the wrap around canvas look for pictures...

  2. I want to know when this class will be because I'll sign up immediately. I bought a sample package of the Alpha Strike papers at a recent workshop and LOVE the canvas (all the papers are incredible). Now I need to learn how to stretch. Looking forward.