Friday, June 3, 2011

Support and RRS Link

Mountain goat from moving boat.
Canon 1D Mk III, EF 800mm f/5.6L, and RRS PG-02

Day five of my Lightroom "Zero to Hero" class here at Light.  Wanted to put up a quick blog before class.

I was looking through some of my AK shots and found these two examples of camera support working in my favor.  We (and most photographers, photo magazines, blogs, etc.) speak a lot regarding capturing the sharpest images.  Hands down the best techniques we have found are to shoot from a STABLE platform and use Live View when possible to compose, expose, and focus (built-in mirror lock-up too.)

A stable platform to me means good tripod and Really Right Stuff gear.  I am using the PG-02 panning gimbal head these days which supports my long lenses and serves double duty as a multi-axis panorama kit. 

The goat shot above is an effective 1040mm with a 1/400 shutter speed from a moving boat!  That is only possible when the platform is stable.  I also used Live View to focus and set my exposure.  The PG-02 makes that probable but the addition of a long lens support kit makes the shot probable.  There is not a gear solution for everything but having the right equipment certainly helps.

24 shot HDR pano taken from a boat with the PG-02.

For a cool writeup from Joe at Really Right Stuff about an awesome trip check out the following link.

Now back to Lightroom for me.  We are learning the final workflow step today - Output.  So plenty of time with export, Print, SS, and Web.  Good living.

Fiat Lux!

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