Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Webinar with Hal 19 April - Output Sharpening with Topaz Detail

Working on an eagle from one of my Alaska tours.

I will be holding a free webinar on the 19th of April.  The basic content of the webinar is listed below.  As many of you know we do a lot of printing and print testing here at Light.  I have been looking at incorporating Topaz Detail into my sharpening workflow, both for content and output, for a while now.  The simplicity, speed, and effectiveness is definitely worth a look

Click on the link to register.  Hope to see you online.

19 April Free Topaz Detail Webinar  -"Join Hal as he builds and demonstrates an effective and efficient output sharpening workflow using Topaz Detail. Output sharpening is one of the most challenging and contentious subjects in digital imaging. With a strong understanding of sharpening Why's and How's, and a simple, repeatable workflow using Topaz Detail, you can master this critical step."

The full April schedule for Topaz Webinars may be found at Webinar Schedule


  1. After attending the Topaz Detail webinar, I came here looking for the luminosity mask procedure that you used on the female face, but could not find the reference.

  2. Link is here. August 2009.