Monday, January 24, 2011

A Photography Filled Weekend

Our Epic Light Gallery filled with DSLR students

This weekend was filled with photography! We had our Beginning DSLR workshop with Hal Schmitt Saturday and Sunday. It was a huge success with a full house of 15 participants. Our students learned essential tips and techniques from Hal on how to use their new DSLR to its full potential. Saturday we took the class to Morro Bay Harbor for some shooting practice and also met up with our Meetup members for a fantastic sunset. Check out the Photo Album!

Morro Bay Harbor Meetup © Hal Schmitt 2011
 Sunday morning we went back down to the Embarcadero for some more practice. Students were able to photograph birds, seals, boats and everything else Morro Bay has to offer. We came back to the school in the afternoon to finish up with a discussion on flash integration and our essential gear list. We had an awesome weekend with great weather and a wonderful group of students. 

Thanks to our workshop participants for joining the Light family, and thanks to our members for another great Meetup!

Fiat Lux!

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